KIOSK.CN – Cash Recycler & Cash Recycler ATM

KIOSK.CN is managed by MUTEK LIMITED as the media to list its cash recycler, cash recycling ATM and other banking kiosks for cash recycling solutions.

  • MUTEK is a Global Supplier for Cash Recycler, Cash Recycling ATM & Kiosk Hardware Solutions;
  • Cash Recycling Module Easy to Integrate & ATM Machines Ready to Use;
  • Flexible, Versatile & Reliable for Simple Cash Handling;
  • For Cost Saving & Customer Satisfaction;
  • Worldwide Service & Support.

R10N Cash Recycler, Cash Recycling Module

The R10N Cash Recycling Module is of modular design and features Bundle Cash In/Out, High Speed Processing, Mainstream Bill Validating Technologies & Isolated Cash Cassettes.

  • Upper unit for cash in/out, bill validating & temporary storage, lower unit for banknote storage in security safe;
  • Banknote Recognition by Size Detection, Visible Light, UV, IR, Fluorescence, Watermark, Magnetic Ink, etc.;
  • Single Cash In/Out Slot for budle deposit and withdrawal of up to 300 banknotes of various sizes;
  • 4 cash recycling box and 1 cash acceptance box, up to 3400pcs capacity each box;
  • Speed of 6~10 notes per second, OCR & recording of Serial Number.

Cash Recycler ATM, Cash Recycling Kiosks

Our Cash Recycler ATMs and Kiosks offer a wide range of deposit, dispense and recycling options to meet the banking automation needs. We provide Cash Recycler ATMs and Kiosks for System Integrator & Financial Institutions to implement its cash recycling system for self-service banking.

  • Expert Cash Recycling Hardware Solutions to offer a wide range of cash deposit, dispense and recycling functions.
  • Options of lobby or through-the-wall (TTW) kiosks available for flexibility and versatility in various sites;
  • Highly configurable and customizable on computer, card reader, printers, display, pin pad, etc.;
  • Reliability, security and low maintenance guaranteed.