K010 Finance/Security/Insurance self-service Kiosk

As financial institutions seek ways to increase efficiency and enhance their customer relations, banking automation kiosks are the increasing tools to transform traditional banking operations to automated operations.
The Self-service Banking refers to the banking service where the customers conduct such financial transactions as deposit and withdrawal, inquiry, transfer, bill payment, loan, currency exchange, and wealth management through self-service kiosks.
Self-service kiosks includes cash self-service kiosks and cashless self-service kiosks.
Cash self-service equipment includes Automatic Teller Machines (ATM), Cash Deposit Machines (CDM) and Cash Recycling Systems (CRS). Cashless self-service equipment includes self-service terminals (multi-media self-service terminals, automatic payment machines, automatic inquiry machines, IC card load machines, passbook update machines, and self-service online banking machines) and telephone based payment terminals (telephone transfers).