MTK003 Self-Service Ticket Vending Kiosk

MTK003 is a customizable kiosk model which is designed for component versatility. MTK003 can be modeled in standard or ADA height with easy front access and mobility features,  so the model can easily accommodate multiple industries and use cases such as bill payment, ticket vending and card dispensing.

Available Components:

  • Credit Card Payment Terminal;
  • Metal Pin pad/Rugged Keyboard;
  • Overhead Display;
  • Industrial PC(I3, I5, I7 with SSD);
  • Bill Acceptor;
  • Barcode Scanner;
  • Thermal Printer;
  • Laser Printer;
  • Card Dispenser;
  • Proximity Sensor;
  • HD Camera;

MUTEK Kiosks uses durable steel enclosures with high quality powder coat. By designing and manufacturing all of our kiosks machines from start to finish, we’re able to provide greater efficiency and leaner, high-quality products faster than our competitors in China.