KIOSK.CN is managed by MUTEK Limited as the media to list its cash recycler, cash recycling auto teller machine (ATM) and other banking kiosks for cash recycling solutions. As an expert global supplier for kiosk hardware solutions, MUTEK offers range of hardware widely utilized in self-service kiosks for card dispensing, card reading, cash recycling, etc..

On the branch of cash recycling solutions, MUTEK offers either cash recycler as an independent module for kiosk & ATM manufacturers to build their own cash recycling kiosks efficiently, or the finished ATM machines ready to use for system integrator to implement its cash recycling system promptly.

MUTEK’s Cash Recycler & Cash Recycling ATM

A cash recycler is a complex machine that handles a couple of simple, but important tasks—accepting and dispensing cash. It also stores money securely, keeps an accurate accounting of cash on hand, and automates the cash cycling process.

Our R10N cash recycler is of highly modular design with accuracy & reliability. The upper unit is a banknote recognition unit consisting of a cash in and out slot, a bill validator, a temporary stacker, and note-transport mechanisms. The lower unit is a banknote storage that can be installed in a security safe. It’s can be easily incorporated by kiosk and ATM manufacturers to build their cash recycler hardware promptly.

Our lists of Cash Recycling ATM target for system integrator and financial institutions. The ATMs are equipped with highly configurable parts for flexibility and versatility.  There are options of lobby or through the wall (TTW) machines available for different sites. The expert and high-standard hardware solutions ensure that worldwide clients just need to focus on software development and system level integration to meet their cash management needs.

About Cash Recycling & its Benefits

In a world that cash remains the king, over 80 percent of transactions are still conducted with cash, which pose the challenge to financial institutions and retail operations for secure and efficient cash handling.

Cash recycling improves both staff productivity and operational efficiency. It reduces labor and other cash handling costs while tightening cash controls and maximizing cash inventory. When businesses combine the power of cash recycling technologies and practices they experience unprecedented flexibility to grow and adapt their services and spaces to meet evolving customer demands.

Without cash recycling, financial institutions are missing significant opportunities to reduce costs related to cash handling, transportation, security and other management requirements. With automated cash recycling, financial institutions can reduce ATM downtime and maintain higher cash availability rates, boosting overall satisfaction.

MUTEK cash recycling solutions keep terminals full of usable cash for longer periods of time, resulting in fewer unserved customers. You also gain the peace of mind that comes with MUTEK’s well-established history of providing secure, reliable kiosk hardware products. Whatever your cash-management needs, our cash recycling modules deliver the functionality and flexibility to keep costs down.

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