Standard Kiosks ready for information, payment, ticket vending, card dispensing

Standard Kiosk Models: Touchscreen Kiosks, Payment Kiosks, Ticket Vending Kiosks, Card Dispenser Kiosks &More

The MTK005 Series is a modular kiosk that can be tailored to complement the deployment setting and reinforce the company branding. Purpose-built for various self-service applications, this kiosk can be integrated with multiple transaction components, delivering versatile performance to help business owners enhance customer engagement. Major Specs: Durable steel enclosure Branded Industrial PC; 17~21.5” PCAP [...]

MTK003 is a customizable kiosk model which is designed for component versatility. MTK003 can be modeled in standard or ADA height with easy front access and mobility features,  so the model can easily accommodate multiple industries and use cases such as bill payment, ticket vending and card dispensing. Available Components: Credit Card Payment Terminal; Metal [...]

MTK001 is a standalone bill payment kiosk with wide configuration flexibility. The streamlined design and durable construction makes this kiosk an idea model for most any kiosk application. The attractive isolated face and trim options can be customized to complement any environment.  Touchscreen LCD combined with additional overhead camera options maximize the interaction benefits. This [...]